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aikotoba wa SMILE :)

Aug. 19th , Fri
Hi everyone! I wrote "I can't see Japanese letter" before, but now I CAN SEE!! desu:) (One of my important friends tought me how to do it!!)So you can write a comment in Japanses. Ofcourse in English is good, though!!
I went to a University at which Mom teach accounting. It has laaaarge garden. It was nice place:D
Then I went to Target(a big store) to buy some birthdaycards and present for my friends.
I saw Sherk Tale on DVD with soooo much popcorn....I ate them all...X0 But non oil & low fat batter dakara tabun daijyoubu...I hope so!!!lol
Afternoon I went to $1 shop!! It was big store and like Hyakkin!! There were more cute Birthdaycards 2 for $1...Oh no...I already bought more expensive ones... hm it's ok :) Next time! lol
Then I went to Farmor's Fair. It hold on Friday night and many formars sell fruites and vagatebles. It was fun !!! Mom bought "kettle corn" kind of pop corn...lol cho----oishi-no!! You should try!!
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-19 04:04

Entrance ceremony ???

Aug 18th , Thu
I went to school to attend an orientation for freshman(1nen-sei) though I'm senior(4nen-sei). I arrive at school 30 minutes early,so I went to caffee shop near school. I had Chinese green tea. Hmm...Its taste was ok... When I stand front of the entrance, one girl spoke to me. Her name is Leanna. She came to school as a staff of orientation and she is senior :D She introdued me to a boy who is senior too. We listend to theachers talking in a big hall. Then we made group. But my name wasn't on the group list. So I asked her how should I do and she put me in her group! I didn't feel alone because my new 2 friends took care of me from first till last!!! They were soooooo kind to me :) I also made friends with freshman students!!
I think this orientation was same thing as the Entrance ceremony in Japan. BUT!! On stage some teachers were dancing, and during speech, the teacher said "scream!!" and students screamed...Nihonjya shinji rarenai tenshon no takasa de... And We played some games !! nanka yoku wakannai kedo cho- tanoshisou dayo XD
Afternoon I went to Citybank to learn how to get money from ATM.To my surprise, there are Japanese dispray!! So it was soooo easy(wara

After dinner I went tio Hardware shop with Dad to buy my chair.(There weren't chair for my studying.) We had to built the chair ourself. (They call it "Some assembly required" jibunde kunitatenakya ikenaimonono koto) yokuwakanaiked mama ga konotango narauhito wa AFS seide Ayaka dakedayo!! tte. daremo oshietekurenai youna mono rashii...mama konotango kikuto daibakusyou shicyauno XD minamo oboeyou!! SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!!! If you don't make sence what I say let's ask your host parents!!
Then we drank Ramune(Japanese soda) which we bought in Japanese store. They are interested in how to drink it :) To drink ramune is so fun !!
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-18 04:23

pictures !!

Nakasan to syuppatu no hi ni eki de atta no !!

miokuri ni kitekureta my best friends >v

near LA airport

Lunch with 3German students and volunteer at Hotel

Hotel in LA

Manhattan Beach in LA

in back yard where we stayed in Fresno

Orientation in Fresno

Sushi bar with Dad and Mom

Baseball stadium

My room ! cho- pink de cho- kawaii >v<

In Japanese store
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-18 02:25

Japanese food !!

Aug 16th , Tue
I went to piano lesson with Mom. I got new piece from her teacher. It was Beethoven's SONATA 2nd part. then we went to Central Fish, Jpanese food store. There are many many Japanese food and snacks but a little bit difference...BIG size soy souce or Chinese snack which seemed to pretend Koara-no-March !! It was new for me ! I was sooooo excited :D
I bought Milky-peach-fravor and Karintou !! After I backed home I ate Karintou. When Mom saw black thick Karintou, she starts laughing !! You already know why she start laughing?? lol Mom looked for the word OOO in English then showed me...XD We couldn't help stopping our laughing...!!!
At night we went to a baseball game ! Fresno has a teem before go to San Francisco Giants, 2gun mitai na mon dane-. We saw the game in a suite room which is Mom's boss has. I ate dippindots!!(tsubu-tsubu icecream dayo) I meet many people in the room :)

Today(Aug. 17th) I'm going to shopping with an AFS student from Germany. She lives in same city, Fresno. (Only 5 students lives in Fresno including me. Other 20students lives in other city.) Her hostfamily said she gets homesick...so I'll make her happy :D

I'll change my class! I'll give up Algebra and take World history,because I don't use Algebra for my entrance exam for university. and I don't like Algebra :P I need World History. Anyway senior is 4th grade nandayo!? So I'll be Koukou 4nensei and I'll graduate high school in next year !!!!! sotsugyu shita atoni mata Kyoritsu ni itte sotsugyou surundayo. nanka henna kanji---wara
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-18 01:21

Shopping with Verena >v<

Aug. 17th Wed

I went to shopping with Verena who is AFS student from Germany and stay near my house and her host sister. I bought pants for tennis and postcard of Fresno. She looks happer than I thoght :)Good !! I had good time :D
Then I cooked Yaki-soba(Maruchan no sauce yakisoba) which I bought yesterday in Japanese food store.
After dinner I went to neighbor's house to pass a invitatiton of my welcome party. They were nice people :)
I played tennis with dad ! and I lost game again X( I got 2 game and lost 4 games...better than that of the day before yesterday.
Anone!! School in senior will go to Disneyland nandatte!!! and I'll go to Prom (limousine rental shite dan-jyo pair de iku chooooo seidai na dance party no koto) >u

mama ga dryice de asonderu toko!! "This is the dinner for tonight !!" nanchatte :P mitaina koto yutteta...wara
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-17 12:31

Tennis with Dad :D

Aug 16th, Tue
I played tennis with Dad yesterday.
I lost 3 games but I got 1 games ;D
It was fun !!
We'll go Thureday night ,too !!
At night I watched "Shrek 2" on DVD.

I'll go to Japanese food store and baseball game tonight.

My parents will hold a welcome party for me on Aug 28th.
They'll invite neighborhood and friends >v<

P.S. I'll in Senior in my school :)
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-17 01:34

Surprising !!

* * * I'm going to write surprising things* * *

They have Green Tea Flappechino in Starbacks Coffee !!
It was more sweet than that of Japan. But I like it.
I ate SUSHI chocolate !!
It's chocolate which looks like real sushi. I took picture of it. Someday I'll put it on this page.
I finally overcome spiders web...!!
During orientation we put our glass in back yard. When I'm going to use my glass there are spiders web in my glass. But I could use it after I washed it. Neeeeee!!! Cho---sugoku nai???? Minna homete---vvv (wara
Mom and I appeared on TV on our firstday !!!!!
TV camera came to our orientation and he took video when we meet our hostfamily. It's first experience to host a student for my hostfamily, so they and I were interviewed !! I didn't talk anything but smiling...wara A Mom's friend recorded the TV program and she'll copy it on DVD. So you can see it after I go back to Japan :D
I made friends with a Chinese girl !!
I met her in orientation at Fresno. She said "I thought Japanese hate Chinese. But now I know Japanese is friendly and kind. " I was sooooooo happy because I thought Chinese hate Japanese. We talked about war between Japan and China a little. After my English improved I want to talk about it with her...But don't worry! Tina(her name) and I became good friends already !!

I had more things I wanted to write on here...but I forgot !! :P
If I remember them I'll write later.
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-17 00:44
Aug 15th Mon

Hiiiiiiiiiii !
I can't see Japanese....
So plese type in English or Ro-ma ji.

My hostfamily is kind to me >v< !!
I like them already.
I feel confortable to stay here.
Firstday, dad played the guiter and mom and I sung many songs.
There are always laughing in my house ! lol
I went to SUSHI-BAR and ate California roll and normal sushi.
That was nice ! I like California Roll vv

Yesterday I ate Stake, Edamame and Japanese rice for dinner.
I never dreamed that I can eat Edamame and Japanese rice in here.
It heared that they are popular in California !!

I've just backed from school to register my classes.
I took Singing, Spanish, English, U.S.history, Math(Alg) and Leadership.
My school will start on Aug 22th.
This sumer I don't have ANY homework ^^
Have you finished them ???
Good luck ! ^^ lol
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-16 02:34

I arrived at LA !!!

Aug 11th , Thu
Hey everyone !!! I'm in Los Angels now !!!
I'm writing at hotel which is near by LA airport.
Yesterday I met Brian at airport ;>
I stayed with 3 German girls.
There were only 2beds so we shared it .
I made friends from Germany, Turkey and Thai land.
I'll go to Fresno(my city) by bus from 2hours later.

Today I went to Manhattan Beach with other AFS students.
I really feel I'm in California !!!
I have good time in here...Though I can't understand English often...><
# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-12 08:29
Aug 9th , Tue

# by aya-kaori | 2005-08-09 00:00