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Graduation *tears

May 30th Tuesday


Yes i graduated from Fresno High. We wore a purple-and-gold cap and gawn. The place we graduated was the Save Mart Center, where i went to a concert of Black Eyed Peas!!!
The graduation celemony was alright...I think I like Japanese graduation better because it's more formal. Here every graduatior walked through on the stage to shake hands with a principle and get a diploma...and that was it. It was a quick and imformal.
I like the way Japanese do...say "hai" when ur name is called and go to the middle of the stage to get a diploma, then bow and bow ....oh i'm such a Japanese!! lol

Then went to a party at Simone's house with Mom and Ian. I was there until 11 o'clock and then went to Sober Grad Night at a bowling place. We had bowling, karaoke, black Jack, raffle and food for $15!! Good deal, huh?? I had so much fun!! I wasn't even sleepy!!!! But my arm, back and hand are sore so bad...lol


by aya-kaori | 2006-05-30 04:33

iii Baton!!! research ur bf/gf


Q1 いきなりですが、あなたには今、恋人が居ますか?
(Do u have a bf/gf now?)
Yes i do =D

Q2 これから自分は何人のヒトと付き合うことになるか予言してください。
(Do u think how many people u r gonna date from now?)
Hmm...maybe 4 or 5 until i get marry.

Q3 恋人を選ぶ時、最も重要視するものは?
(When u choose a bf/gf what's the most important part? )
personality! They have to be funny and kind.
Also looks are important too. Cute & tall !
and they have to like dogs!!

Q4 どんな性格のヒトが好み?
(What kind of personality do u like?)
a person who doesn't complain a lot and enjoy anything!

Q5 好きなタイプの顔を動物に例えてみてください♪
(What kind of face do u like as an animal?)
a little puppy!

Q6 デートの費用は、恋人とあなたどっちが多く払いましょう?
I'll pay 30~40%
But now, my bf pays me 95%.... X(

Q7 高い車持ってるとか、どう思います?
(What do u think if ur bf has an expensive car?)
It's cool but he doesn't have to

Q8 誕生日は、覚えてくれてて当然?
(Dose ur bf have to remember ur b-day?)
yeah. No "Happy LATE b-day"

Q9 付き合い始めた記念日は、毎年一緒に祝いたい?
(Do u wanna celebrate one year aniversary? )
If he take me a dinner or give me sth, that would be nice.

Q10 年齢は何歳までなら離れててもOK?
(what's the minnimam difference of the age between u guys?)
in 1 year younger & in 3 years older
Q11 恋人同士にもプライバシーはある?
(Do u think there r any privacy between lovers?)
yes, and everybody has secrets.

Q12 やっぱり浮気は駄目ですか?
(Ofcourse no cheating,right??)

Q13 恋人が居ても、自分は浮気したい?
(Even u have a bf/gf, do u wanna cheat?)
i dont think so.

Q14 恋人が浮気しやすいタイプのヒトだったらイヤ?
(If ur bf/gf tends to cheat easily,do u hate that? )
i don't like that....who doesn't??

Q15 恋人が嫉妬してくれたら嬉しい?
(R u happy if ur bf/gf felt jealous?)
hm...sometimes, but not too much jealousy.
Q16 恋人に束縛されることは喜び?
(If u always have to follow ur bf/gf decision, do u like it?)
Nope... our both opinion should be concerned.

Q17 恋人のお願いなら、大抵のことはOKする?
(If it's ur bf/gf's desire, will u usually do that?)
yeah i think so.

Q18 恋人には甘えて欲しい?甘えさせて欲しい?
(Do u want ur bf/gf to fawn or do u wanna fawn ?)
i think i wanna fawn on him =)

Q19 正直、目の前で泣かれると弱いほうですか?
(U don't know what to do if ur bf/gf cry in front of u?)
I dont wanna see guys crying but tears for sports effort and sadness are ok. Yeah, i wanna give them a big hug.

Q20 すぐ泣くよりは、滅多に涙を見せない恋人のほうが自分にはふさわしい?
(Do u think a bf/gf who hardly cries is better for u than a bf/gf who cries a lot?)
sure!! I told u that i don't like a guy who cries a lot...but i cry a lot XD

Q21 恋人のファッションは気にする?
(Do u care what ur bf/gf wear?)
Yeah...personality is the most important thing but also fashion is,too!

Q22 髪型はどんなのが好き?
(What typr of ur hair style do u like?)
I like a little bit long hair with some gel on!

Q23 結婚を前提にお付き合いしたい?
(Do u wanna think about marriage when u date w/ someone?)
No...I still have time to have fun!!

Q24 どれくらいの距離の恋愛が良い?(地図上)
(How far do u like between u and ur bf/gf? [physical])
Not too far...the distance that i can meet him a lot.
At least in a same country...maybe in a same city.

Q25 どれくらいの距離の恋愛が良い?(精神上)
(How far do u like between u and ur bf/gf?[psychological]
basically bastfriends! but more than that =D

Q26 恋人と未来の約束(結婚は除く)をしたい?
(Do u wanna make a promise about in ur future w/ ur bf/gf, except marriage?)
Hmm...I dont get the question...like our future jobs or trip....??
Not really.

Q27 恋人の身長は何センチ希望?
(How tall do u want ur bf/gf to be?)
Definitely taller than me...i prefer 175cm! (5'7'')

Q28 何処の国のヒトと付き合いたい?
(Which country's person do u wanna date?)
I don't know...i really don't care.
Somebody who really loves me.

Q29 どんな笑い方をするヒトが良い?
(What kind of laugh do u like ?)
I don't know...people who laugh naturally.

Q30 ユーモアは必要?
(Do u want ur gf/bf to have a sense of humor?)

Q31 一途さはどれくらいが無難?
(How much do u wanna be loved?)

Q32 恋人とは毎日逢いたい?
(Do u wanna meet ur gf/bf everyday?)
Yes!!! Even we can't, at least i wanna talk to him on the phone everyday.

Q33 相手とのデートは何処に行きたい?
(Where do u wanna go for a date?)
a restaurat and a movie.
I like to hung out at a house,too.

Q34 恋人になんて呼ばれたい?
(What do u wanna be called by ur bf/gf?)
Ayaka...i dont think i wanna be called "Aya-chan"...

Q35 恋人の家族は何人が良い?
(How big do u want ur bf/gf family?)
What kind of question is that!? I don't care.

Q36 一人暮らししてくれてたほうが嬉しい?
(Do u want ur gf/bf to live by herdelf/himself?)
yeah so we can come home whenever we want to!!

Q37 恋人の好物が何だと嬉しい?
(Which kind of food do u want ur bf/gf to like?)
Japanese and Italian

Q38 恋人の嫌いな食べ物が何だとショック?
(Which kind of food u'll be disappointed if r gf/bf doesn't like? )
Sushi and cheeze....

Q39 恋人の煙草はどの程度OK?
(How much can u stand of smoking of ur bf/gf?)

Q40 恋人のお酒はどの程度OK?
(How much can u stand of drinking of ur bf/gf?)
Not too much but i wanna enjoy drinking w/ him.

Q41 守られたい?守りたい?
(Do u wanna be protected by ur bf/gf or do u want to?)
I don't wanna be stronger than my boifriend...
Protect me!!! =D

Q42 恋人の為なら何が出来る?
(What can u do for ur gf/bf?)
When he has a hard time i can listen to him and give some advice.
I can also cook for him !

Q43 恋人に1番してほしいことは何?
(What do u want ur bf/gf to do the best?)
hmm...there are a lot!! Be kind to me and think about me.
I want him to kiss me a lot!

Q44 恋人とはどんな関係で居たい?
(What kind of relationship do u wanna keep?)
When we need each other always there for each other.

Q45 あなたにとって、恋人はどういう存在?
(What does a bf/gf mean for u?)
Somebody i can be relaxed with and laugh together!
I can be happy when he is with me.

Q46 このバトンをまわす6人
(Name 6 people to send this baton.)
Ayaka(natsu), kessi-, Yuuka, Nan, Mugiko, Anya...and whoever has a blog!!
by aya-kaori | 2006-05-30 02:40




by aya-kaori | 2006-05-29 02:54

Santa Cruz!!!

May 27th Sat
I went to Santa Cruz as a part of Azian Club. I'm not a member of the club but i heard that anyone can go so i brought Ian =D
There were a amusement park right next to a beach. So we went to some roller coasters first and went to beach and back to the rides...like that!! The water was soooo cold but i was in the water for a while. I rode the 6 th oldest roller coaster in the US called Giant Dipper...yes it was scary...
I had a GREAT time!! I think it was much better than Disneyland...XD


by aya-kaori | 2006-05-27 01:21

The LAST day of school,,,,*tears*

May 26th Thu
Today was my last day of school....i can't believe that the time goes THAT fast... I was checked out from all the classes and recieved a cap and a gawn for graduation.
Then I was not supporsed to back to school but i sneeked in and went to my 4th period class. One of my friends, Cindy gave me a watch and got a letter from everybody in the class. I didn't cry at that time...cuz i knew it makes worse, but i cried in lunch time.... i think i cry everyday at school resently...that's bad....
But i also feel i'm loved!!! I'll miss u guys...


by aya-kaori | 2006-05-26 12:42

Grad Night

May 26th & 27th
Disneyland for Graduation Night!!
At 4pm the bus left Fresno to Disneyland...It took 5 hrs to get there by bus...
I was in the park at 12am to 6am...I was sooooo tired...
Did i have a good time? Yes!! That was fun but the Disneyland was almost same as Tokyo's....hm...I wanted to go to "Matterhorn" but we didnt have enough time X(
They had a huge dance hall in front of the casstle and so many ppl were dancing!! But i didn't because i thought i can dance anywhere, it doesn't have to be in Disneyland.


a class of 06!!


Can u see the crowd of dancing ppl???


by aya-kaori | 2006-05-26 12:02

ayaka's brub...



by aya-kaori | 2006-05-22 02:09

Are we still alive....????

May 18th Thursday

☆★☆★☆ Happy Birthday Mama!! I love ya ☆★☆★☆

It was SUPER HOT today...but Celeste, a friend of mine from choir, and I walked all the way down to Manchester Mall under 106 degrees(F)!! It is 41'C in celsius...GOSH!!!! It took about 45 mins to get there. We walked along a big street and there were so many cars. When they passed by ,they made noise...like "Puuu!!" (i dunno how to call that in English nor japanese...if u know please tell me) Some people said "Hi" from a car; theyre always guys... This is how Fresno is like.

In the mall we played Dance Dance Revolution! There are so many made-in-Japan games. I feel home!! lol Another thing we did was trying some dress on just for fun XD
Yes! Ofcourse we also walked all the way down! But we kept talking so it was not that bad :D

by aya-kaori | 2006-05-18 01:13

Asian Pacific Assembly

May 16th Thu
Today we had an assembly to introduce Asian culture at school. We had a fashionshow and some other stuff. I wore Yukata with 2 of my friends and sang a Japanese song called "Secret Base" by Zone!!

Before i sing i said
"The reason why picked this song is saying good bye to u guys , because i'm leaving in June."
and explained the lyric a little bit.
I dressed like an Japanese popstar w/ an electronic guitar !! I heard some people cried, so i think it was successed!! After that i got so many compliments :D
One of my friend Martha, who is a half Japanese did Judo demonstration.
She threw around a guy and that was sooooo cool !!!

by aya-kaori | 2006-05-16 08:40

Tee Pee Talent

May 11th Thu.
We had Tee Pee Talent show at shool. That's the musical performance from Broadway. We choir sang "New York, New York Medley" in a I love NY t-shirt and "the Phantom of the Opera Medley", "Puttin on the Ritz", "When You Wish Upon the Star". We dressed up in our Formal and danced!!! It was so fun to sing!!! I think that was the best stage we ever had :D



I really love the Phantom's lyric vvv

*Think of me think of me fondly when we've say good bye....
*(F)Say u love me... (M)U know i do...love me, that's all i ask of u...
*anywhere u go let me go to...
*wishing u were somehow here again, wishing u were somehow near...
*sometimes it seemed if i just dreamed, somehow u would be here....
*wishing i could hear ur voice again, knowing that i never would...
*dreaming of u won't help me to do, all that u dream i could...
It's sad but cute...have u ever felt like that ??

We also sang the same songs for block party in front of school on 13th. Do u know what block party is? We shut out the street and put tables and chairs...it's like HOKOUSYA TENGOKU private version! It was on Sat. so after that we went to Denny's. We're so loud and went crazy!!! We were so high without alchole !! LOL

by aya-kaori | 2006-05-11 00:21