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March 31th Fri
In California now a new law is passing. It's called "Immigration law" which won't allow irregal immigrants to stay in the US. There are so many irregal immigrants in Fresno. Most of them are Mexicans. They just crossed the border and stay here. Many students in Fresno High are legal beacause they were born here but not their parents. So, many students go to the protest to the city hall during school time since this monday.
Today all the gate were closed not to let students to go out, so they started protest in school. Many Mexican people walk around in the campus with the Mexican flags. We had announcements like every 20 minutes, such as "Teachers! Don't anybody let go out from ur class room!" Becuase they were afraid that the protest would get bigger. Then somebody who is so clever pushed the fire alarm to get excuse to get out the class. But theachers knew that wasn't a real fire so a teacher was screaming on the announcement to tell everybody not to go out while the alarm was still going on....it got really on our nerves.....Those all things were on the news...that was horroble...

At night went to Youth Group party from Simone's church. They were so nice and enjoyed conversation and a game!! Now I'm on my diet so I was n't supporsed to eat meat today but I did...but I lost 5 pounds(2kg) for 3days!!
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-31 17:43

Got a boifriend...!!!

March 26th Sun
Went to movie with Ian...we watched "Stay Alive"...it was not that scary like Ju-on (the Grudge) or the ling but so creepy!!! I couldn't stare the screen......
After that Ian took me to a Japanere restaurant :D We had sushi !! Yahoooo!!! Also yesterday I had sushi but it really dosen't matter :P Also I got Black Eyed Peas CDs!! Ian bought me everything...I relly felt sorry for him, though...

It's not something to write on the blog but I'm gonna tell this to u guys...In last week one sophomore guy asked me to be his girl friend. He is a good guy and funny but I don't know him very well and he is still 15 years old...so I said sorry. I told this story to Ian (Ian and I've been bestfriends for a long time so I tell him almost everything. He also knows I'm interested in Chris, too!) Then he asked me "Do u wanna go out with me instead of going out with Jeremy?" .....I was asked for dating twice a week!! WaaaaoooooOOOO!!!! I didn't know what to say at that time...

Then....next morning, I said "yes". Last night I couldn't sleep after I woke up at 4:00. He told me he couldn't sleep either, cuz he was nervous about what I would say. Since today he is my boyfriend :) He is a junior so we're in the same age. He is a half Dutch and a half Norweigian vV
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-26 17:19

New Me vvv

March 25th Sat
Went to Fulton Mall in downtown with Mom. In this Mall I felt like in Mexico. People talk in Spanish and all the display was in Spanish. In one store a pair of jeans were sold for $5 and one shirts for $2.5!!! OMG!! I've never seen such a inexpensive clothes before. I had real Tacos and Pineapple juice!! Those were so good!!

Look at this !!

Yes! I got my hair dyed to brown!! It's not that brown. That's how exactly I wanted!! I love it vV I got 2 different brown highlights!! My HF paid for it as a present for my Prom!!!

After that we went to Sushi restaurant! Yesterday I went to Teppanyaki with Simone and her Mom! I eat Japanese food a lot thesedays!!
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-25 02:28

Such a Great Day!!!

March 23th Thu
We had a choir festival. In the bus we kept singing any kinds of music on the way to church!! That was so fun!! Before the festival we're supporsed to save our voice but we're crazy!!! The performance was not our best but still we got "Excellent"!

Afterschool the practice was canceled so Larissa and PaNhia came over and spent time in the back yard. We laid on a sleeping bag with some snacks!! It was soooo nice afternoon :D

At night I went to the Black Eyed Peas concert for the first time in my life w/ Simone, Larissa, Anne, and Anne's new H.Sister! That was GREAT!!! After they sung "Where is the love" I was hyper because this song reminds me one of the best memories of karaoke w/ some AFS friends from other countries!!! I almost cried. We sang, screamed, and danced!!! We were soooo crazy! "My Hump" was our of the tune...they could do better but I think that's the best part of the concert! If they sing as good as on the radio, it's gonna be tasteless!! That was just GREAT even out seats were highest, though... It's hard to discribe how exciting it was!! U have to see it!!!! It was one of the best events in my life!!!!! I came home at 11:30 but I was too excited to sleep...I went to bed around 2 a.m. XP
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-23 02:18

Piano Man...

March 19th Sun
I bought a brown-long dress for Prom!! I was thinking about showing my pic in dress here but I'll keep it untill Prom, which is on April 29th vV

I watched a DVD named "Ladies in Lavender". It was a story about 2 old ladies. One day they found a guy on the beach and they took care of him.
He doesn't remember where he came from... One day he played violin really well and at the end of the movie he became a famous violinist!!!
....Hey guys?? Have u heard of this story on the news about 1 year ago??....Yes I think it the movie the "PIANO MAN" copied...!!! I was excited when I found it out!!! XP
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-19 01:12

Dirty Little Secret~.....lol

This is the CRAZY pics from Yan's house!!
I got some more pictures but I can't put these here...cuz those are too DIRTY!!!
detail ---> on Mar.11th

by aya-kaori | 2006-03-18 11:03


March 18th Sat
I went to 2 parties today vV party hashigo shicyatta!!

numero Uno ; Ian's birthday party
There were only 7 people in this party and played video games, ate cakes, video games, played with a dog, played video games,,, But I had kinda good time. He told me "U'll be bored in my party." again and again so I was ready for it, but it was better than I thought. I used to play video games because my brother likes it. It helped a lot today...!! Thanks Katsumi vV

numero Dos; REAL American party @ RObert's
The second party started at 9:00 p.m. I think there were 40 people altogether. His parents were not at home so my HF knew that lots of drinking would be going on...but they let me go to see what the real american party is like!!
Yes, many people drank beer and they started nasty dance...All the light in his house were turned off and only light was from the color light ball. I was not scared but I really didn't have fun either, because Simone and I left at 11:00, before when the party gets really really crazy, and I ofcourse didn't drink. I wish I could but it's AFS rule... I met some new people from Fresno High so it was fun part :D

はぃ②♪日本語うてるよぅになっちゃぃましたw パーティーのその後について書きたいと思いまぁす。。ぇーっと、月曜の水泳の練習の前にミーティングがあって、コーチがチーム全体にパーティーのこと話して、スポーツマンシップに反するみたぃな感じで、説教・・・。どぅやって判明したかとゆぅとロバートの親が家に帰ってきたときに大量のビール瓶発見&PCが盗まれてる事に気づき、警察&学校に連絡・・・。コーチゎ誰がパーティーにいたかゎ追求しなぃってゆってたけど、最新のニュースでゎロバートが学校にパーティーにいた人のリストを提出したとゆぅ話も。。AFSとホストファミリーにゎ知られたくなぃのであえて日本語で書きました・・ねッ?これって結構やばぃよねー桂ちゃん??笑
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-18 02:51
March 17th Fri -St. Patrick's Day-
We had a Spring Sports Rally. The coaches introduced their team. I was on the stage with my swimming team mate.
D u know what St. Patrick's day is?? In Japan it's called "midori no hi"(green day)....no! lol Anyway,,,it's a celebration of Irish people. On this day everybody has to wear green clothes or jewelry, otherwise u'll get pinched!!!! So, there are so many green people at shool !!
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-17 02:39

I can't wait!!!

MArch 16th Thu
Do u remember who Chris White is??? (If not, look at "March 2nd") During lunch time I talked to him for about 20 mins and he asked me to go to the concert of Six Ounce Groves in next weekend with his friends!!!! Waaaaaaaiiiiiiii vV I was sooooo happy all the day!!!!
by aya-kaori | 2006-03-16 02:16

Multi Cultural Assem.

March 15th Wed
We had the Multi-Cultural Assembly. Latino, Mexican, Black & Hmong people performed dance. We, choir sung National Anthem and Alma Mater. (kouka) It was fuuun!! I liked Latino dance and Pueruto Rico dance with a long red scart.

by aya-kaori | 2006-03-15 02:30